East Kent Ploughing Match

Kent Guild was  invited to demonstrate at the East Kent Ploughing Match at St. Margarets at Cliffe on Wednesday 26th September. We were up by 5.30 a.m and on the road by 6.45 so that we could begin to set up our stand by 8.00 a.m (They’re early risers, these farming folk) The stubble field we had to cross to get to our allotted marquee was very damp and slippery. We unloaded the campervan quickly and then some strong chaps helped Keith get the campervan moving to our parking space. Each time I arranged my display, the wind decided it wasn’t right and blew it everywhere so I had to give in, and arrange my baskets where the wind couldn’t lift it. I had to sit at my spinning wheel directly into the wind which was somewhat chilly. Folk started to arrive soon after 9.00 a.m and the children from local schools, weren’t far behind. However, I was on to a loser from the word go because the stand beside us had a 3 year old black Great Dane and a 3 month old Basset puppy in pens and my Sheltie was in her cage behind us, so it was very difficult to keep the childrens attention when all they wanted to do was get at the dogs. Even though the ground conditions were very slimy, once again the great British public came out cheerfully to support the farming community and we were able to “educate” quite a good number of people who had never seen spinning. And then all of a sudden the heavens opened. It was probably about 2 0’clock and we had a captive audience for a while but gradually people left and we all started to pack up because we had rivers running through the marquee (remember the County Show) We were all concerned we wouldn’t be able to get out of the field without tractor assistance, but we made it. These events are lovely to attend, and we had an enjoyable day. Carole