Weaving Books

 002  How to Weave Linens
Worst, Ernest
 058  Sheer Magic & The Story of Textiles
 Dr J Gordon Cook
 Home Weaving
 Oso Berian
 095  The Joy of Handweaving
 099  Sets of Scottish Tartan
 Stewart D.G.
 100  Small Webs
 122  ShuttleCraft Book of American Hand Weaving  Atwater M.
 140  Weaving as an Art Form
 Moorman, Theo
 142  Weaving you can Wear
 Wilson J.
 144  Cut my Cote
 Burham D.
 Weaving You can Use
 Wilson J.
 153  Clothes without Patterns
 Morgan F.
 175  Warping all by yourself
 Garrett,  Cay
 185  Fashion from the Loom
 Beard Betty
 189  Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition
 205  Yarn Counts
 Youngmark, Lore
 213  Weaves and Pattern Drafting  Tovey John
 216  The Craft of the Weaver
 Sutton & Collingwood
 230  The Structure of Weaving
 Sutton  Anne
 264  Key to Weaving
 Black, Mary
 268  Weavers Book of Fabric Design
 Phillips Janet
 283  Weaving without a Loom
 Pegg Barbara
 288  Nettle in Nepal
 309  Weaving  Znamierowksi, M
 351  Weavers Workshop
 Chetwynd, Hilary
 376  The Art of the Loom
 Hecht,  Ann
 378  Linen - Handspinning & Weaving
 Baines, Patricia
 384  A Handweavers Pattern Book
 Davison Marguerite
 414  Wild & Wooley Weavings
 432  Swedish Hand Weaving
 Sealander Malin
 435  The Weaver's Craft
 Simpson & Weir
 436  Designing on the Loom
 Kirby Mary
 Hand Woven Clothing
 Mayer Anita
 459  Summer & Winter
 460  Spinning & Weaving at Home
 Kilbride, Thomas
 461  Eight Shaft Patterns
 Strickler, Carol
 475  Weaving in Nepal
 Dusmore, Susie
 476  The Nettle in Nepal
 Dusmore, Susie
 480  Ashford Book of Weaving
 Field, Anne
 495  Fibres to Fabrics
 Clark, Hazel
 516  A Handbook of Weaves
 Olsner, G H
 517  Handweaving & Cloth Design
 Strauber, Marianne
 526  Loom & Weaving
 Benson & Warburton
 561  Foundations of Weaving
 Halsey & Youngman
 565  Loom Mechanics (Booklet)
 Handweavers Studio
 566  Yarn Counts (Booklet)
 Handweavers Studio
 567  Setting Up a Four Shaft Loom
 Edwards, V
 574  The Art of Weaving
 Regensteiner, E
 585  Japanese Ikat Weaving
 Tomito, Junonriko
 598  Weaving
 Bridgeman, R
 619  Latvian Weaving
 Apinastherman, A
 625  Knitting on the Loom
 645  Egyptian Landscapes, Weaving from Rameses
 UK Exhibition
 653  Weaving for the two way Loom
 Miles, Vera
 654  A Weavers Life
 Mairet, Ethel
 662  Practical Modern Weaving
 Murray, Rosemary
 674  Theme & Variation, Weaving that Sings
 Saunders & Hartner
 679  Mastering Weave Structures
 686  Designing with a Rigid Heddle Loom
 694  Handweavers Pattern Book
 Davison, M.P.
 695  Woven Shibori
 Ellis, Catherine
 700  Margaret Audsley Weaving Samples