Knitting Books
 186  Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans
 Thompson, Gladys
 217  Kids Knits
 Price, Lesley Ann
 218  The Sweater Book
 Carroll Amy, Editor
 221  The Super Sweater Idea Book
 Brown G & Hamilton
 235  Designer Knitting for Handspun Yarns
 Shuttlewood N & Biggs
 244  Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches
 252  The Book of Machine Knitting
 Holbourne, David
 271  Traditional Knitting
 McGregor, Sheila
 284  Have you any Wool?  The creative use of Yarn
 Messent Jan
 287  The Art of Shetland Lace
 Don, Sarah
 341  A History of Handknitting
 Rutt Richard
 344  Hand & Machine Knitting
 Lorant, Tessa
 345  Creative Knitting
 Wilson, Sherry
 368  Machine Knitting, Technique of Knitwear
 Kinder, Kathleen
 379  The Progressive Knitter
 Whiting, Maggie
 382  Sweaters by Hand
 Rush & Emmons
 383  The Seaton Collection
 Seaton,  Jamies & Jennie
 387  Passion for Colour
 Burnett, Sarah
 403  Practical Family Knitting
 Murray & Koster
 429  Stylish Knitting
 Shuttlewood, Nina
 430  Fabulous Fairisle
 Allen, John
 443  Fashion Knitting "French Style" 100 ideas
 Octopus Books
 444  Knitted Shawls & Wraps
 Lorant, Tessa
 454  Family album
 Fassett, Kaffe & Hunt
 463  Mohair from Goat to Garment
 Saunders, B & Web
 464  Square Knits
 Guilford, Val
 466  Machine Knitting 2
 Anthony, Jane
 471  Knitting in the Old Way
 Gibson-Roberts, P
 483a  Knitting Nostalgia
 Jago & Evans
 485  Knitting for Special Effects
 Robinson, Debby
 487  Designer Knits Collection
 Moss, Jean
 493  Nursery Knits
 Watts Russell, Tessa
 496  Glorious Knitting
 Fassett, Kaffe
 499  The Handknitters Handbook
 Stanley, Montse
 500  SHE Knitting Patterns
 512  Fancy Feet
 Zilboorg, Anna
 514  Socks  Interweave  
 530  Knitting Originals 1920-1930
 Vale, Nancy
 531  Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches
 Matthews, Anne
 544  Knitting Lace
 Lewis, S
 546  The Handknitters Design Book
 Ellen, A.