Books on Dyeing


 367  Colour Cauldron - History of Natural Dyeing in      Scotland      
 369  Dyeing for Fibre & Fabrics
 DeBoer, Janet
 388  Natural Dyes & Home Dyeing
 Adrosko, Rita, J
 455  Natural Dyes for Vegetable Fibres
 Dalby, Gill
 474 A Weavers Garden  Buchanan, Rita
 477  Natural Dyeing without Chemicals
 Dean, Jenny
 482  Natural Plant Dyes
Hallett, Judith
 506  How to Dye in Your Kitchen
 Rippenga, Jean
 522  A Dyers Manual
 Goodwin, Jill
 554  Natural Dyes & Home Dyeing
 Adrosko, Rita, J
 563  Dye Plants & Dyeing
 Brooklyn Botanical
 572  Lichens for Vegetable Dyeing
 Bolton, Eileen M
 580  Synthetic Dyeing
 Thompson, F & T
 693  Indigo  Balfour Paul, Jenny
 698  Natural Dyes
 Ruskin, Linda