Crochet Books

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St Michael                 
 202  Creative Crochet
 Calder, Louisa
 214  First Steps in Crochet
 Stitchcraft Special Ed.
 215  Crochet  Walter James & Cosh
 225  Crochet Patterns
 James, James
 254  Crochet Dictionary 500 Motifs
 Mon Tricot
 255  A Complete Crochet Course
 Kent, Muriel
 270  Introduction to Hairpin Crochet
 Thompson, Pamela
 278  Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches  Lyric Books
 319  Creative Crochet
 Calder, L & Konior
 338  Exciting Crochet
 Kent Muriel
 346  Crochet Sweater Book
 Cosh,  Sylvia
 354  Creative Design in Crochet
 Turner, Pauline
 371  Technique of Crochet
 Turner, Pauline
 437  Crocheted Lampshades
 Franks, Dilys
 441  Vogue Classic Crochet
 Matthews, Anne
 452  A Complete Guide to Crochet
 Dawson, Pam
 467  The Creative Workshop
 Walters J & Cosh
 491  Creative Crochet
 Turner, Pauline
 502  Crochet Style
 513  Crochet Lace
 Konier, Mary
 518  The Batsford Book of Crochet
Sterns, Anne  
 573  Glorious Crochet Sweaters
 Theiss, N & Rankin
 613  Tunisian Crochet
 Turner, Pauline
 632  Great Crochet Sweaters in a Weekend  Theiss,N & Rankin