Fashion Show 2015






Gilet by Carol semi woolen spun from Portland/Kent fleece as an experiment in sideways knitting.

Bag and Scarf by Marian in Australian Fleece, semi worsted spun 2 ply yarn





Wobbley Line Sweater by Carol mainly wool fleece blended with silk, trilobal nylong etc. Design insprired by and "Armand" garment worked as fairisle and has ended up as a very heavy garment, matching Jumbo scarf from leftover yarn.





Short Knitted Cardigan by Dot,  handspun hebredian singles plyed with portland singles and handknitted.





Blanket Coat by Carol, mixture of natural white fibres spun from jumbo rolags, blended with dog hair and miscellaneous flecked fibres. Carol says "another garment that has ended up being huge"




Joey made the "Shrug with Sleeves" from Corinne's pattern a mixutre of funky and commercial yarn





Blanket Coat by Carol, mostly portland fleece, semi woolen spun. apart from the pale aqua, all colours are natural,

somefrom  exhausts left over after a natural dye workshop day

Head band or neck collar scarf by Marian from suri alpaca 





Green Scarf to go with a coat from Mary,  yarn is acid dyed random spun in "Shale Pattern"





 Circular Cape by Corinne, made from corridale traditional spun and mohair lock spun.




Gilet by Corinne, Portland, Wensleydale and and Teeswater locks,  2 ply Portland,

tailspun Wensleydale, Teeswater locks are lock knitted





A smart black alpaca cardigan spun by Hilary, she is looking for the right "catch" to hold it together.






 Shrug using up odds and ends of handspun yarn, made by Jan.

Bag and Hat "Berrry Set" by Marian, Kent cross fleece acid dyed.



Shawl by Lynne, made in alpaca, knitted from the top down, the edging knitted on five stitches,

pattern is from an American Magazine.Worn over a short sleeved cardigan by Hilary, made from mixed fibre scraps.



 Shrug made by Corinne, from Portland Fleece traditional and boucle spun.



Shawl made by Mary from alpaca natural colours of charcoal and cream semi worsted spun, moss stitch with two row stripes.

Fascinator made by Marian, merino silk and alpaca.



Jacket by Hilary, portland fleece with "Landscape" acid dyes.

 Scarf by Joey, viscose warp with polyester sewing thread, weft is shibori, end woven every 8 picks,

then off loom, drawn and hot washed to create pleats.



Shawl by Marian, alpaca plyed with silk, semi worsted spun, acid dyed before spinning,

beads of agate, moss and felt added for weight.



Cardigan knitted from the top down with contiguous sleeves, collar added later. 

Yarn was a mix of random dyed pink and humbug blue faced leicester semi worsted spun.