Fashion Show 2014

The Waistcoat is handspun in shetland and silk, dyed and crocheted. 
The scarf is handspun singles, woven then lightly felted.

Poncho Shawl, with falling panels, knitted in Alpaca, panels joined with wool from Keeshound Dog
A "Critted" hat, half knitted and half crocheted, romney marsh wool dyed with cochineal

"Peacock" fifty shades of green, silk crepe de chine felted with merino wool coloured with chemical dye

Bolero handspun from merino wool blended with silk and Camel fastened with wooden clasp

The neckwarmer scarf is spun from bulky wool and Silk

The bag is made from six shades of alpaca knitted and then felted, it weighs over 1 KG

Blue jumper from yarn spun at Bore Place a merino and silk blend
which was lovely to worth with.

As it came hat, made from Spindle Spun yarn, spun by members of the public at
the County Show, Schools day, Hunton Fete etc.

Green Fingers Vest, 50 shades of Green
Freestyle Weaving

Waistcoat semi worsted spun in Corridale

Waistcoat made by knitting as a scarf and then knitting a sideways back to make it a waistcoat.
  Spun with 50% Suri Alpaca

Sleeveless Top knitted from odds and ends of yarn spun over many years!

The chunky and warm neck cosy is spun from a wool and silk mix.

Scarf spun from alpaca and silk, spun then knitted decorated with felt and horn beads
Bag is made from alpaca and silk

Handspun silk and wool neck cosy
Bag is from spun and dyed alpaca, woven on a cushion frame, with a band of crochet to attach the handles

A short sleeved cardigan spun from portland fleece with silk flecks.
The flame coloured scarf is made from suri alpaca plyed with silk, dyed together using acis dyes.
Knitted in moss stitch with a crochet edge.

A large warm jacket, knitted from yarn spun from portland fleece blended with mixed fibres, dyed with acid dyes.

Scarf is woven from a handspun singles warp, with a fine plied weft dyed prior to spinning.

Striped Boleros "Spring Primroses"  and "Autumn Hawthorne" Portland and Merino Tops dyed with acid dyes.

Stole or Shawl "Denim Style" suri alpaca dyed with blue and navy acid dyes.
plied with white silk, knitted and trimmed with felted bobbles.

Cardigan of Merino and Silk, fine semi-worsted spun.

"First Spun" knitted felted cone hat dyed with Cochineal, Tumeric & Chemical Dye

Novo Sekku (Lace) Scarf gently handwoven

Shawl with misty stripes, made from suri alpaca, acid dyed,
plyed with a man made grey machine knitting yarn.
Knitted in moss stitch with a crochet edge.

Blue cardigan spun from a portland fleece and dyed after spinning.