Visit to Scotland

During last winters severe weather in Scotland, many branches came down in the ancient woodlands and brought lichen down as well.

I picked up a small amount of lichen from the forest floor, and brought it back to Kent.

Using an old aluminium preserving pan, I soaked the lichen in water to which I’d added about 1 tablespoon of household ammonia.

I heated this brew on a camping stove in the garden. Over the course of several days I reheated to simmer and then turned off the heat.  The brew never really got cold because of the heatwave we were experiencing.

After a few days I added the wool and reheated it.  Again, I reheated to simmer several times during the day.

The colour obtained from the same weight ratio, lichen to wool, approx. 50 grams wool – 50 grams of lichen, is a pleasant mustard yellow. CL