Microwave Dyeing Wool with Food Colour

At the County show and at the July meeting I had a basket of coloured fleece on display. These colours were obtained from food colouring.

I soaked the scoured wool in a casserole dish and put a couple of squirts of washing-up liquid and some splashes of vinegar onto the wool, plus some drops of food colouring, and microwaved it on high, for 15 minutes altogether. I do open the microwave door a couple of times to have a look.

If I want a graduated colour, I don’t prod it about too much. But if I want a solid colour, I prod it with a wooden spoon to make sure the colour spreads through the fibres. As long as you don’t move the wool too much, and there is just enough water, the fibres don’t felt.

I have used cheap food colouring from Tesco and expensive food colouring from specialist cake shops and it all works. I’m sure the colours could be repeated with careful weighing etc, but I’m quite happy with small amounts of “surprising” colours. CL