Colour Blending

What a feast of colour we had with Alison Deakin on the Vic Edwards Memorial Day in October! 

The hall was very full with people bringing in their wheels, carders (very essential), bags of yarn and the all important "picture of our choice".

Alison had a long table near the stage full of tops in various colours for us to use during the day, plus bags and bags of other coloured fibres for sale.

She explained that our picture was to be the basis of our work, and first of all we had to write down the reason for choosing that particular one.  She told us that the various features (rocky, watery, grassy etc) would determine whether we spun smooth or textured yarn to represent all or part of the picture, and to blend our colours to match it as nearly as possible.

Alison then had a session showing her method of carding for blending the necessary colours, followed by our members having a concerted rush for the table to augment the colours we had brought ourselves.  We then settled down to our blending and spinning until lunch time.

After lunch she spent a lot of time demonstrating various textures in spinning, incorporating beads using two different methods, spinning marled yarn; two different coloured tops spun together and then plied together giving a very pleasing look.  She also showed us how to add little tufts of tops, cut threads and tiny hanks between two threads, plus making knots and slubs in our yarn when spinning which we could use in our project.  Alison was a very inspiring and patient teacher, who made us feel that we could achieve the results we needed.

It was nice to see so many people taking part in this workshop, and I feel that this was a very valuable day, as even if you have done some of these things before it is so easy to forget exactly how to achieve the result you require, and for the newer spinners it must have been quite an eye-opener.

At the end of the day the pictures were displayed together with the spun yarn to show the diversity and achievements of our members.

All in all I think Vic would have been proud of us!

Beryl Lambert